The DisplayMaker* is a 72" wide printer designed for display applications. Outdoor Media and inks are available on this machine. It reproduces very high quality images and graphics on a wide variety of media. Indoor Prints should last a minimum of 2 years when laminated. Longer times are available with UV inks and UV laminates.


The media has a usable print area of 71.5 “ wide by any length. Prints may also be tiled up too 10,000 sq.ft.


1. Photo Glossy Base

2. Matt Photo Base

3. Vinyl adhesive back

4. Artist Canvas

5. Backlit Plastic


All lamination processes require two sided laminating

1. Gloss .005 laminate

2. Matte .006 laminate

3. Adhesive back

4. Polycarbonatematting


Our standard mounting material is1/4" HART board. This is foam core with a PVC surface.

1. HART board

2. Foam core

3. Gator Board

6. Outdoor Vinyl

7. Specialty color Papers

8. Clay coated paper

9. Backlit paper

Transfer Materials for Fleet Graphics upon request

printed on plain paper printed & laminated printed laminated & mounted backlit paper/plastic velcro add Specialty media, canvas, etc. add
10.00 sq. ft. 12.50 sq. ft. 15.00 sq. ft. 15.00 sq. ft. 2.50 ft . used 3.00 sq. ft.

Prints are calculated per square foot. Calculate the square footage of your images by using the following formula:
Image Width in Inches x Image Height in Inches ÷ 144 = Square Footage


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